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[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"Kansas Income Tax Institute","description":"The 电竞外围网 Department of Agricultural Economics invites you to attend the 72nd annual 堪萨斯州所得税研究所. The program is for tax professionals and is designed to provide up\u2010to\u2010date training on current tax law, regulations, and updates. This year\u2019s program will review recent cases and rulings and key legislation, provide an in\u2010depth review and analysis of a number of tax areas, and cover newly enacted regulations and procedures critical to tax practitioners. The program stresses practical information to facilitate the \ufb01ling of individual, small\u2010business, and farm returns. By participating in this program, participants will understand the topics below, be able to recognize how to apply this understanding and use it in filing accurate and efficient tax returns for their clients.\n\nThis year's program has obviously been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are four in-person meetings planned, as well as three online events. We obviously don\u2019t know what will happen this fall and it may be that it will not be possible to hold some or all of the in-person meetings. If that happens, there will be online meetings conducted on those dates, so that you will not have to change your schedule.","startDate":"2020-11-12T07:30:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-12T16:30:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"Place","name":"多个地点和在线","address":""},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/kansas_income_tax_institute","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/35041342250207/huge/9a7d591346ee30eefb9d010de486420afb7659a4.jpg"}]






K-State Supervisory Foundations Pillar I- Performance Management: Supervisory Best Practices






Waylande Gregory


博士论文的防御 - 泸州


差距食品安全计划研讨会 - 在线

学习要求获得认证的美国农业部差距,并建立一个食品安全计划。模板和记录的例子将被共享。 KSU和扩展万亩仍然有...

DMP Logo

博士。凯瑟琳即赖夫,MSPH,博士,助理教授,诊断药品/病理学,电竞外围网将表现为下跌2020 DMP的一部分...

11/12 15:30
Early Career Funding Opportunities Information Session



扬声器:yoosik金 摘要:介绍了盘势函数深谷,哦,太田大野扮演学习拉格朗日子流和重要的作用...

11/12 15:30
[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"Applied Math Seminar: Orthogonality and direct sampling methods for Maxwell's equations in bi-anisotropic media","description":"扬声器:周四乐(K-状态)\n\nAbstract: The electromagnetic inverse scattering \u200bproblem is to reconstruct some physical and/or geometrical characteristics of an object from the electromagnetic field scattered by that object. The problem arises in applications such as nondestructive testing, radar, medical imaging, geophysical exploration, etc. However, solving this problem is challenging because it is nonlinear, ill-posed, and associated with Maxwell's equations with possibly matrix-valued coefficients. Existing methods for the solution to the inverse scattering problem for bi-anisotropic media only work for small scattering objects. In this study, we develop the direct and orthogonality sampling methods to solve the electromagnetic inverse scattering problem for bi-anisotropic scattering objects of arbitrary shape. These methods aim to construct imaging functionals that are fast, easy to implement, and stable with respect to noise. The imaging functionals will indicate whether a sampling point of the probed domain is in the interior or the exterior of the scattering object. Also, we will show numerical simulations of these methods and compare them with those of the classical factorization method. This is joint work with Dinh-Liem Nguyen and Hayden Schmidt. \n\n The zoom link will be sent out on Wednesday.","startDate":"2020-11-12T16:00:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-12T17:00:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/applied_math_seminar_orthogonality_and_direct_sampling_methods_for_maxwells_equations_in_bi-anisotropic_media"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/applied_math_seminar_orthogonality_and_direct_sampling_methods_for_maxwells_equations_in_bi-anisotropic_media","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/779511/huge/833f5088500e4db550c37d5be483c8b76912d1e0.jpg"}]
Applied Math Seminar: Orthogonality and direct sampling methods for Maxwell's equations in bi-anisotropic media

扬声器:周四乐(K-状态) 抽象:电磁逆散射问题是重建的一些物理和/或几何特性...

11/12 16:00
[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"Crossroads: Where Science Communication and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and 无障碍 Intersect","description":"阿散蒂·戴维斯,舰队科学中心,圣地亚哥\n下午4-5 |周四,11月12。 \n\nAshanti Davis joined the exhibitions department of the Fleet Science Center in February 2014 as a Tinkering studio coordinator. Now, as exhibition manager, she leads an interdisciplinary team in the development of unique experiences and exhibitions for visitors of all ages to the Fleet Science Center. Davis was a participant in a National Science Foundation-funded project called \u201cInformath\u201d where she explored the cross-sections between art, math and science in informal learning environments as a part of a collaborative of learners.\n\nDavis will provide a short introduction on the intersection of science communication with diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility, and then engage in a conversation about these issues with the participants. To do so, Davis will draw from her experiences as the chair and co-investigator of an internal group for diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility, seeking to make an impact on organizational culture and systems. \n\nPlease register to attend by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11.\n\nThis event is part of the fourth-annual Science Communication Week presented by the Kansas 科学传播 Initiative.","startDate":"2020-11-12T16:00:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-12T17:00:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/crossroads_where_science_communication_and_diversity_inclusion_equity_and_accessibility_intersect"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/crossroads_where_science_communication_and_diversity_inclusion_equity_and_accessibility_intersect","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/35026583384835/huge/e3ac4b0f3bdaab5af56397798662bb1259344488.jpg"}]
Crossroads: Where 科学传播 and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and 无障碍 Intersect

阿散蒂·戴维斯,舰队科学中心,圣地亚哥 下午4-5 |周四,11月12。 阿散蒂·戴维斯参加了舰队科学中心展览部...

K-状态奥拉西 Academic Program Information Session


11/12 16:00
寄存器[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"Livestream lecture by Robert W. Rydell: \u201cWaylande\u202fGregory and the New York World\u2019s Fair\u201d","description":"\u201cWaylande\u202fGregory and the New York World\u2019s Fair\u201d\u202f\n由罗伯特·即时串流讲座W上。韦迪尔,美国研究教授,蒙大拿州立大学\u202f\u202f \n\nArt Deco sculptor Waylande Gregory created numerous monumental ceramic works, including his \"Fountain of the Atom\" for the 1939 New York World\u2019s Fair\u2014a tribute to atomic energy that earned the attention of Albert Einstein. In this talk, Rydell, an expert on 1930s world\u2019s fairs, will situate Gregory\u2019s projects for the event in the broader vision of the New York fair\u2019s overall theme, \u201cThe World of Tomorrow.\u201d \n\nJoin the free program via ZOOM. To register in advance, go to: //ksu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1HZYkH5qQRip_7lTcv_CTA\n\nAfter registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about how to join the program. \n\nThis virtual event is part of the Art in Motion program series.","startDate":"2020-11-12T17:30:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-12T18:30:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/livestream_lecture_by_robert_w_rydell_waylandegregory_and_the_new_york_worlds_fair"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/livestream_lecture_by_robert_w_rydell_waylandegregory_and_the_new_york_worlds_fair","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/34530482567864/huge/017fabec4097bc690e340737bf263eac87debf94.jpg"}]





博士。亚伦威特克,小号的助理教授,伊萨卡学院 这一事件发生在变焦。请联系医生。约翰·基尔戈在jrkilgor@ksu.edu为...




Economically Motivated Adulteration & its Implication on the Juice Industry

Leadership Essentials Series





特里萨梅里克,k的状态写作中心主任助理 下午1-2 |周五,11月13。 梅里克将分享如何有效地呈现信息...


这个后续培训,较早引进来的NVivo 12加/ NVivo的地址一些工具的更复杂的应用,如过程...



11/13 16:00
[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"Topology Seminar: Cusp cobordism of Morse functions","description":"主讲人:多米尼克wrazidlo\n\nIn the mid 1950s, Ren'e Thom reduced the study of cobordism groups of embedded manifolds to the computation of homotopy groups of certain Thom complexes. Stable homotopy theory has been essential for the study of cobordism groups of smooth maps with prescribed singularities ever since. On the other hand, more explicit geometric methods of global singularity theory can be applied to study cobordism relations for Morse functions, as these are naturally based on smooth stable map germs into the plane. For example, Saeki and Yamamoto defined a notion of cusp cobordism for Morse functions on compact manifolds possibly with boundary, and used the combinatorics of Reeb graphs to compute the cusp cobordism group of Morse functions on surfaces. In this talk, we determine the cusp cobordism group of Morse functions on manifolds of arbitrary dimension by employing Levine's cusp elimination technique as well as the complementary process of creating pairs of cusps along fold lines. For Morse functions on surfaces our result yields an explicit description of Saeki-Yamamoto's cobordism invariant which they first constructed by using the cohomology of the universal complex of singular fibers.","startDate":"2020-11-13T18:00:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-13","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/topology_seminar_cusp_cobordism_of_morse_functions"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/topology_seminar_cusp_cobordism_of_morse_functions","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/32504723096908/huge/0fdd47679dad7fc936a0241f01a44e3fec2b9544.jpg"}]
Topology Seminar: Cusp cobordism of Morse functions

主讲人:多米尼克wrazidlo 20世纪50年代中期开始,ren'e托姆嵌入歧管的配边组的研究减少到伦群的计算...

K-State volleyball
Athletics - Soccer


学生音乐会,汉娜·卡斯威尔 - 长笛




第13周 - 第84个日历日
第13周 - 第84个日历日
4-H T恤设计截止奥斯卡卢萨






11/16 10:30
[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"太有创意了科学?","description":"AHNA河skop,遗传学系,威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校\n上午11时 - 中午|周一,11月16\n\nHave you ever wondered what it is like to grow up in a family of artists and then end up a scientist? What does thinking like an artist offer the scientist? Can the blending of art and science encourage a more diverse population of students to pursue science, and improve the public understanding of science? Skop will give a glimpse into her life and how she has impacted science, education and the public with her two passions: science and art.\n\nAs an affiliate faculty member in life sciences communication in the Division of the 艺术 at Wisconsin, Skop mentors both scientists and art students in her lab, and also serves on the board of the Wisconsin Science Museum, where many of her art-science collaborations are on display. Her honors include being named a Remarkable Women in Science by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS; a Kavli fellow by the National Academy of Sciences; and the first-ever Inclusive Excellence Award by the American Society for Cell Biology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In 2019, was awarded the honor to serve as an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador for Women in STEM. Her science and art have been featured by Apple, The Scientist, USA Today, Smithsonian, PBS.org, NPR and Science magazine.\n\nPlease register to attend by 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 15.\n\nThis event is part of the fourth-annual Science Communication Week presented by the Kansas 科学传播 Initiative.","startDate":"2020-11-16T11:00:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-16T12:00:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/too_creative_for_science"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/too_creative_for_science","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/35026687392658/huge/7ec4442639784b98bb9caa2c9ef703c47e76d72d.jpg"}]

AHNA河skop,遗传学系,威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校 上午11时 - 中午|周一,11月16 你有没有想过是什么样的成长...

MS防御 - 博士。乔丹·罗伯茨


11/16 12:30
[{"@context":"//schema.org","@type":"Event","name":"本科数学研讨会","description":"发现在噪声信号:医学研究在大数据时代\n\n布兰登grossardt,梅奥诊所\n\nAs a part of my role as a statistician at Mayo Clinic, I work on a large epidemiological infrastructure project. This project tracks and describes the health of more than 700,000 persons in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin. In particular, I have developed an online tool for medical researchers to explore the relationships between diseases, surgeries, medications, and other characteristics. This talk will describe some of the challenges faced in dealing with large amounts of data in healthcare research, and how statistics and data science can help guide future re搜索.\n\nBrandon Grossardt graduated from K-State with a BS in Mathematics (2001) and MS in Statistics (2003). Since 2003, he has worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and is currently a Senior Statistician and Assistant Professor of Biostatistics. He has published more than 140 articles and abstracts in scientific journals and regularly lectures on the topics of epidemiology, statistics, and public health.","startDate":"2020-11-16T13:30:00-06:00","endDate":"2020-11-16T14:20:00-06:00","eventStatus":"EventScheduled","location":{"@type":"VirtualLocation","url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/undergraduate_mathematics_seminar_5413"},"url":"//events.k-state.edu/event/undergraduate_mathematics_seminar_5413","image":"//localist-images.azureedge.net/photos/779511/huge/833f5088500e4db550c37d5be483c8b76912d1e0.jpg"}]

发现在噪声信号:医学研究在大数据时代 布兰登grossardt,梅奥诊所 因为我作为梅奥统计学家角色的一部分...

Rebecca Lamason

博士。 lamason,生物系,麻省理工学院将介绍她的研究题为“细菌病原体劫持主机机械...



11/16 15:30